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In 1997 we launched as an Internet start-up and needed a T1 Internet connection for our office. We couldn’t believe the hassle we got from the Phone Company to get the service installed. We had to chase them to get the job finished. In addition, there was an ISP, an equipment vendor and a consultant. When something went wrong everyone pointed fingers at each other. When you added up the bills it was one of our biggest expenses. All this was taking valuable time and money away from launching our company. We were a start-up of engineers used to dealing with technology and we were struggling. We wondered how everyone else got through it.

We asked around and found that most businesses were as frustrated as we were. We knew there had to be a better way. By the end of 1997, after much research and development, we re-launched with a new objective: to bundle the T1 line, the Internet access and the customer equipment into one service and deliver it to Southern California businesses at a flat-rate.

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